A perfect Fish.

2 Jul

frozen fish- samut sakhon
So today we went around to the HUGE fish factories and I realized how much we create the trafficking in the world.
You see great packed fish, sure it’s not fresh from the sea but I tastes really good, is incredibly cheap and it’s easy to get at mega supermarkets, Target or Walmart or Carrefour or Cold Storage or Fair Price. (I’m NOT saying these shops support trafficking)


Do we think about where this food comes from? Do we care?

For us who believe that cows live in supermarkets and think that vegetables grow there too, we often fail to think that what WE demand has a GLOBAL impact. Working with LPN here, in the morning, we would tour these factories that are very large stakeholders in the seafood industry, where there is a lot of demand for migrant workers. And then in the afternoon, we would have lunch at a seafood restaurant. I would always be confused- if LPN was working for labor rights, why were we eating SEAFOOD?

Then I realized – the human trafficking and often abuse that happens in the factories are those for EXPORT. Export to US.

Companies that boast of hiring only Thai workers like to brand such for export, but these too deny Burmese migrants safe jobs. What do we do then? Is our quest for the perfect Fish– i.e. the easy to good and tasty and keeps well- creating a demand for labor abuse? Maybe we are the problem.


2 Responses to “A perfect Fish.”

  1. Jonathan Kent July 6, 2009 at 6:46 am #


    Love your blog! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and all the great photos. You’ve given us some good issues to think on, including where our food comes from, how, and what it means from start to finish for us to demand a commodity. I think I just turned vegetarian 😛

  2. meixi July 6, 2009 at 7:13 am #

    Jon Kent, you rock.
    It’s crazy how much language is a barrier esp for those from Burma. Many are simply forced to learn a new language, and visiting another home with one woman who just had a new baby- this was such a big issue.

    Her baby had a fever and was rejecting all milk, she tried to buy medicine but bought the wrong one because it was all in Thai.. some stories are just so painful.

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