Diving Deeper

21 Jul

So I spent my lovely weekend in Koh Samet!


It a cute T-bone shaped island off the coast of Thailand. And it was exactly what I needed. When I was talking to one of the people here at the UN, he said, “Some communities, they know only their need they don’t know what we are working for. If you want to teach them how to make the rice, how to cook it, they don’t want to listen, because they are hungry, yeah?” I think I often get caught up in doing but sometimes we got to take time to wonder at the beauty that surrounds us. A devotional from Joni called, “A Deeper Dive” really hit home because it talked about this poem:

On the surface foam and roar, Restless heave and passionate dash,
Shingle rattle on the shore, Gathering boom and thundering crash.
Under the surface, soft green light, A hush of peace and an endless calm,
Winds and waves from a choral height, Falling sweet as a far off psalm.
She’s right.
Although a majestic and powerful beauty rests on the ocean’s surface,
you find more beauty when you dive beneath the waves.
A world of luxuriant seaweed swaying gracefully, of colorful shells,
and of small fish darting here and there
awaits you.
– Frances Havergal.

A beautiful blue day

The world can seem messed up, no, let me take that back- IT IS MESSED UP. But go deeper and experience a world of divine peace and grace. Dive deep into His grace and the waves that crash will sound distant and gentle.

Check out photos HERE!


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