After the Rain

7 Jul

So I had to opportunity to go with my host family to visit some of the sites where the storm hit really bad. One of my favorite songs is called After the Rain. Here it goes:

After the rain, I can look to the sky again,
The clouds will give way to the light of the sun
After the rain, you know that you’ve made it through
And you can finally see the light of the pain,
After the rain.

I loved the song coz it spoke of hope but after seeing what RAIN can do to these house, and the destruction it brought to so many families, did that song make sense? It didn’t the rain wasn’t just a nice shower or cloudy skies. It was horrendous and destructive. It tore down houses and drove families’ economies and livelihoods into the ground.

How did the song make sense. Then I realized that my host family was there to give some clothes they had collected to another family there. And in the mud, I saw a little smiley face in the concrete. Hope was still there.

Families were carrying gas stoves and bringing yellow packets of maggie mee and I asked where did all these come from? My host mom replied, from Xela, we have to help because these people have lost everything.

I saw in the midst of the destruction, the human spirit of compassion and generosity. Maybe this was the light.


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