16 Jul

Tomorrow is Festidanza, where all the Fe y Alegria schools come for a dance competition! I can’t wait to go. 🙂 So far, the research has been wonderful and did two more interviews today, leaving the grand total of interviews just in peru to be about 15! 🙂 I have honestly been so awed by the students here- their passion for social change and their belief that change comes in small things- like thinking twice when throwing your trash out the window or treating your siblings and parents a little nicer.. has been an inspiration for me.

More to come though and I can’t wait to talk to more teachers and communities members.

I started out this trip asking myself what is common among us humans, among cultures. One circumnavigator said cucumbers. What i’ve noticed so far is that we have SO MUCH in common- the weird stage in the pre-teen years, little boys who don’t like to be paired with little girls, parents who do their best and give their all for their kids, a smile, the human spirit of generosity and the ability to give thanks and find strength and hope in the most difficult situations. This is what I have seen here, especially in Peru- and I’m so excited to share this.

More photos to come!


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