30 Jul

It’s almost hard to see the world with new eyes, especially when you are at home. But I guess that is the greatest challenge, and the most exciting one. Being in Guatemala and Peru has helped make that a little easier and I almost can’t believe I’m in a whole new world here.

Singapore, developed, clean, spick and span, super efficient, SAFE- your ideal city. Or not? I feel that the cover and the image of Singapore is so gleam that so many are forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life here. In contrast, the slow and comfortable pace of life in Xela and Montenegro/ Motupe in Peru left space for reflection, and challenges there were obvious and real.

Being here, it’s hard to detach myself from the reality that both worlds DO exist and that I can glide from one to the other. I guess that’s the challenge and joy of traveling. To understand and realize that you everyone has a different experience of the world and then reconciling that we ARE all part of the same world, same globe and that there is a human spirit that binds all 6 billion of us. Each experience is beautiful in its own way and it’s up to us to pick that beauty out.

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