Building the House

8 Aug

Students at NorthLight!

Mrs Chua and I!

An inspirational woman- Lydia, celebrating her 17th birthday

Singapore was incredible and this time I managed to connect with many people who have hearts for the social justice work in Singapore and from two people I had deep conversations with, they encouraged me to look at my own country and see the needs here. Doing volunteer work is becoming increasingly “sexy” in Singapore- it’s a resume builder and it’s something to boast about. It made me ask myself- WHY I am doing this work, and why I wanted to work either in Thailand or Peru and how it’s so easy to fall in love with the people and places I’m so privilege to meet this summer. And truly being in so many places- or rather me wanting to go to so many places- how can I create sustainable and effective change?

As I continue to the next place – Sangkhlaburi and am yet exposed to another community, another lively school, another group of people who have given their all to the service of others, I too must figure out where I should work, while keeping in mind that I’m but a worker and ultimately it’s the Master builder that builds the house and I need to submit my plans to His hands. 🙂

More photos from my time in SINGAPORE here!

– Meixi


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