Sunset welcome

10 Aug

Welcome to the school!

By the school-kinda reminds me of Peru

On the way to school

Buddhist statues along the road to school

So Sangkhlaburi is BEAUTIFUL and today i’ve done about 10 interviews with all the teachers at this schools and about 4 students.

the thing i love best is really watching the sunset and watching the sun go down by the river. it’s a great welcome and enough to make your heart melt. 🙂 Sunset photos are on flickr! (See right hand column)

It’s day two here in Sangkhlaburi- a part of Thailand I have never been before! However, I can’t post photos of the kids for protection but interviewing them today was special. They were filled with hopes and dreams for their village, and their own lives. They hoped for peace and at 12 years of age, already wanted to make changes to their community- like bringing electricity to the village and being a teacher so that the next generation too, can learn.

– Meixi


One Response to “Sunset welcome”

  1. alison August 11, 2010 at 11:54 pm #

    The famous bridge is awesome but scary. can take my weight???

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