African Sun

18 Aug

my fav kid! 🙂

There were some problems with my computer and it’s been wonderful to finally have internet access. Oh I am so excited to finally be in the continent of AFRICA. I had heard so much about it, and had wanted to come since I was 12 and I am finally here. 🙂

It’s been SUCH a treat to be under the African sun- the sun seems to be always shining, as the smiles and the welcome of the people brighten up any day and everyday. I was sitting next to a guy from Nigeria and he was saying that the common thing about a lot of Africans is that they always want you to feel welcome. And that is exactly how I have been feeling in my short 2 days here already. Each person is ready to smile and greet you with a handshake and a snap, a simple “good morning” and a “you are welcome”

There’s a certain pride too that comes with the sunshine here and it’s been nothing but a joy. The school too is wonderful and again and again I have been impressed and inspired by the stories told here. I’m learning so much about many countries and the change the young people here want to see in their own families and communities and countries. The passion glows within them.

Also- Suraj is HERE! and we went to the market today and it was so much fun 🙂

market in community one in tema!


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