A New Beginning

4 Sep


So I started the trip asking myself, what will be common between all the countries, what will be different. And here’s a little bit of what I’ve found. Each culture is unique and even in the same country- people, we are all so different. Language, how you greet each other. In some places, it’s one kiss, others, two, others a little bow, and sometimes a handshake with a snap at the end. The street signs, public transport is all different.

But at the same time, we share the sun that rises every morning and sets each evening. We share smiles, and almost everyone now has a cell phone, we share laughs, love, dance, and song. But most of all what I’ve seen is that we share the human ability to rise about hardship, to fight to survive. It’s ordinary people who have kept the faith and fought the good fight, to be the real heros of our day. Heros who fight to keep their kids in school, heros, who are supporting their family with what little they have, heros who love more than they could be loved and have given more than they have taken. It is this that has been inspiration, it is this that has taught me much about myself and what life should be about.

I’ve 3 hours before the flight. A new beginning is awaiting. More lessons to be learned, more heros to meet. 🙂

I can’t wait.

– Meixi

Also, more photos from france here!


One Response to “A New Beginning”

  1. Bea September 27, 2010 at 2:03 am #

    Glad that your trip went so spectacular =)
    So where are you now??!! What’s your agenda for the next 3 months??

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