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to circumnavigate!

16 Jan

Making the world a little better than we left it.

I cannot wait to understand schools and the world.


the glue

2 Nov

The Amber Youth conference was AMAZING- Kudos to Suraj and the team. You guys are incredible.

This weekend has taught me a few things about teams and breaking down our own assumptions of “how things should be” instead of “how things could be.”

Often, I get caught up with the expectations people put on organizations, so a new group needs a board, or an exec with committees, and I get so caught up in the structure of an organization that I forget the glue.

What exactly is the glue?

The glue is a vision
The glue is a sense of connectedness to others on the team
The glue is candy at meetings and karaoke after
The glue is breaking the sound barrier and doing things like they’ve never been done before.
We need to be innovators, dreamers, lovers.

After watching This is It

I was reminded again why we need to test boundaries and go above an beyond the norm- maybe that’s the glue of great teams.

– Meixi

ps. pictures for halloween!

Back to school

25 Sep

So I’m back in E-town and it’s just been CRAZY. There truly is nothing like school. The buzz of activity, the people, the books, the bike parking.. the music and also the leaves.

We had this class on Introduction to Social Policy and when everyone was introducing themselves, I was SO in awe at the people at Northwestern and the amazing things NU students have done. It’s always a pleasure to be back here.
ISA bonfire

FUP reunion at Maxwell :)
So friends, thank you for being who you are.