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20 Oct

Classroom in Thailand 🙂

So I know I said the end of my trip was just the beginning of my journey to explore social justice schools- I promised it would be as I came back to Evanston and it really has. I was swept away being on the Freshmen Urban Program, being able to re-live that was UNREAL and it was really like the journey did continue into Chicago- it was incredible.

Just a week ago too, I went to 1) see Waiting for Superman, and 2) Visit John Marshall Metropolitan High and these two things have been on my mind ever since.

1) Waiting for Superman
So all of SESP went out together to watch Waiting for Superman and it felt like it had wrapped up much of my learning journey in SESP into those 2 hours but also added stories and faces that just gripped my heart. It reminded me of stories from over the summer and so many lost dreams and opportunities but also the hope and passion of teachers, administrators and parents to fight against everything that was against them.

And thank you Prof Carol Lee and Jim Rosenbaum of SESP for leading such a fruitful discussion afterwards. It helped me put the movie into perspective about what was left out of the movie- and how we as students passionate about education need to go forth into the world, smile and fight. If you haven’t seen , go see it.

2) And John Marshall Metropolitan High was something else. John Marshall was a turn around school, starting it’s first year this academic year. I had never been in such a space where I saw so many adults just excited about education- and doing huge things to change it. The energy I felt even with the principal Ms Kenyatta Stansberry and the many people made me smile on the inside. Even I felt nurtured in the school.

They ARE good people out in the schools- both in Chicago and around the world, I’ve seen them, talked with them and learned from them. They’ve promised their lives to it too. And as young people, from all across the globe- we’ve been allowed to dream with the promise that it could and would come true- the doctors, psychologists, global health experts, teachers, mothers, fathers, engineers, scientists, statisticians, policemen, firemen-to-be.. I pinky promise my commitment to schools to you.