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24 hours

4 Sep

schools- hopscotch!

la cnmion école

I officially have 24 hours left of this trip. And while it’s surreal that it’s almost over- the entire journey was absolutely INCREDIBLE. I was just in Besancon yesterday and met Mr Michael Rigolot- a wonderful man who helped me with ALL the contacts, met Raphaelle’s mom, and Ms Marie Claire, a teacher specializing in the Gens Du Voyage- (French Roms) and even got to visit a camion école (moving school) in a small caravan. It was SUCH a treat. So moved by their stories and their determination and fight for justice.

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1 Sep

It’s September and I can’t believe how fast time has flown. I’m leaving for Besançon tonight to go to school and visit some families and communities and I’m so so excited! I feel it’s going to be wildly different from Paris, which will be a wonderful change.

The final countdown has begun- 5 days to go before this adventure ends, but really, this journey to explore schools, policies and communities is just beginning.

On and on – say do you remember
On and on – dancing in September
On and on – never was a cloudy day

On and on – say do you remember
On and on – dancing in September
On and on – golden dreams were shiny days

– September by Earth, Wind and Fire

Dancing by the River

31 Aug

By the boat park

So I went night cycling last night around the city of Paris and the best part about it was when we were cycling by the river, and saw two groups of people drinking wine and dancing by the river. I had uncovered the treasure I was looking for! And why do I love dancing? I do believe there is a special connection with someone through dance, through being in sync with the music, and for that few seconds, share a moment.

I guess I did this irish circle dance where almost the whole dance floor changed partners, and I got to “meet” a whole bunch of different people, not speak, but just feel the tension between our hands and bodies and step into the beat at the precise moment, twirl and spin.

I was reminded of my brother’s song- Just Imagine, and the first line goes:

Imagine children of enemies, laughing together..
Just Imagine what love can do.

It was hard for me to come to France after coming from Ghana, especially after visiting the slave castles where so many were brutally tortured and killed and kept in slavery. And talking to some people here, when they travel to Africa, they say, being French, there still is a slight hostility towards them because of the painful past. And sometimes I ask myself- what if I were French? How do I relate to the world, knowing my ancestors had shed such blood? And how do I appreciate the castles, when I knew they were meant to enlarge the empire, meaning enslaving more people and taking over more territories as if it were a game to play? But maybe that’s the amazing power of forgiveness and the power of music and dance because last night, even in the parks, I saw people of all races laughing together, dancing together, sharing a moment together. We perhaps are the children of enemies, now laughing together, and it was a beautiful sight.

More pictures from the night cycle!

Notre Dame

Notre Dame

Oldest clock in Paris

Oldest clock in Paris

Velib bikes!

Velib bikes!- Bike share program!

City Hall

City Hall, Paris

My velib!

My velib!

By a bookstore!

By a bookstore- library without boarders