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The Last Day in Perú

25 Jul

My fav photo this week!

We had more celebrations in Peru for the Fiestas Patrias and I can hardly believe it’s my LAST DAY in Perú tomorrow. Here are some more photos from the celebrations!

I’ve honestly been swept away by the immense generosity and humility of the people here, the wisdom that exists in this country and the stories people have told. Leaving for Singapore TUESDAY!!!!

Dancing with the kids

Outfits from the department of Cuzco

With the Hermanas and Señora Elizabeth (VP for Primary school), with an Inca headdress!

More dresses!



20 Jul

Señora Daila has wonderful hands and made this HAT!

There’s something special about a community that gives. Many have asked, why do you love it here? And here’s my reply.

I love it because of the people and their spirit of love and generosity. When we talk about communities and their strength, I see it here. I see in in the life and the both informal and formal institutions, in the way everyone knows everyone, in the way they fight against this new supermarket that might be taking over their football field, in the way so many have invited me into their humble homes and been so so proud of being a part of this community.. in the way each neighbor brings something if they know the other is sick. Many don’t have enough to make a full meal for the other but one would bring the rice, the other the beans so together they would make a meal and visit those who were sick. It’s the youth that would give up a sunday to protest against drug use.

Anti-drug campaign

Mimes at the Cruz no Matarás festival

I have been honored this week, even in my short time here to be invited to lunches at Carlos’ house, at Señora Dalia’s house and each time I have been blown away at the immense willingness to give without expecting anything in return. See the white hat- that was handmade my DALIA 🙂 so warm and beautiful.

Also, one thing every peruvian has asked me is “Have you had cerviche or lomolsaltado” or any kind of peruvian dish so I thought I would also add the photos of delicious meals so far and of course, eating in the road. Yum.

Lunch with Carlos and Family!

Lunch at Señora Daila's


Las hermanas at the Cruz no matarás

Festidanza Photos!

19 Jul

My fav photo of the Festidanza

The Festidanza was amazing. The culture here is Peru is wonderfully rich and it might be because it was close to the Peruvian national day but there seems to be so much pride in being Peruvian. From the kids who say “¡Soy Peruano!” to the Principal of Fe y Alegría, there is a deep sense of love and belonging for their country and people. 🙂

Photos below!

Dance from the Sierra

Dance de Música Festeja!

Dance from the mountains

The Fe y Alegria 37 team!

Beautiful colors and costumes

Three parts of peru- Costa (Coast), Sierra (Mountains), y Selva (Forest)

Fe y Alegría No. 37 (US!) teachers and supporters!