How to Apply for 2010


Meixi is travelling as the 2010 Circumnavigator’s Club Foundation Around-the-World Travel-Study Grant recipient.  Each year one rising senior is chosen jointly by Northwestern University and the Circumnavigator’s Club Foundation to travel the world exploring a topic of her/his choosing.  The $9,000 award requires that the student travel to at least six countries on at least three continents.  For more information about the grant, please go to:

Explore the world!


Any enrolled Northwestern junior is eligible to apply.


The proposal may be no more than four pages, double spaced in length and must include a description of the project, a rationale for why this would be an interesting or important project to undertake, a proposed itinerary, and an explanation of the relationship of the proposed stops to the overall project purpose.

The trip itinerary must circumnavigate the globe and include stays in at least six countries on three continents. The research project must have substantive content in each of the countries, including wherever possible interactions with local people and groups. Examples of study projects include: youth movements; the death penalty; freedom of the press; care for the aged; the uses of technology in the elementary grades.

Both the school and the Circumnavigators Foundation are looking for interesting, pertinent, and globally-based topics, by persons who can easily think on their feet in any situation they might encounter abroad. Final selection will further be based on a number of factors, including: (a) merit of the subject to be studied, (b) student’s academic record, (c) poise, maturity and communication skills, and (d) inherent discipline and enthusiasm of the candidates. Three finalists will be chosen by Northwestern University to be interviewed by the Chicago Circumnavigators Club Selection Committee, who will select the winner, and notify the University and the International Foundation in New York.


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