Other Fellows!

Desert Chapter
Arizona State University
Topic: “Identifying International Aid Agencies Best Practices in Implementing Community-Driven Development”
I am an undergrad double majoring in Global Studies and Political Science at Arizona State. This summer I’m researching development projects sponsored by aid institutions in Macedonia, Central African Republic, Georgia, Israel, and China. This research is possible via the generosity of the Circumnavigators Club Foundation. You can follow all the vicissitudes here.

Washington DC Chapter
Georgetown University
Topic: “Enhanced Geothermal Systems: Understanding the Factors Affecting Energy Policy”
I’m studying enhanced geothermal systems, specifically how the evolution of the technology was affected by government policy, and how policy continues to be a factor in the viability of high-investment technologies.
I’ll be going to Iceland, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, the Philippines, and finishing up with a study of the project at the Geysers in California.

Florida Chapters (Miami, Naples, Palm Beach)
University of Miami
Topic: “Waiting for the Doctor: A Comparative Study of Worldwide Access to Healthcare Access of Underserved Groups”
I am going to New Zealand, Australia, India, South Africa, France (with side trips to Brussels and Geneva), and Peru. I will be researching healthcare access disparities, especially those not based on economic factors, such as those affecting indigenous and immigrant groups, in hopes of creating a comparative study to help improve healthcare distribution here in the US.


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