A Land I Love

Double rainbow

How do you sum up México in a page? All the experiences, all the things you’ve learned, all the people you’ve met, all the places you’ve been – I can’t seem to do it. Worst of all, how do you leave? I’m faced with hat question right now as the one day I have left here slowly slips by. The photos only tell so much.

México for me, has been like having a growth spurt in my mind, soul, heart and spirit. I finally understand what our world needs and the change that must come if we want to see real transformation in the fabric of society. I finally have some answers to see how we can achieve that. It’s about playing between the pleasure and challenge of learning, the private and the communion of education and the rigor and flexibility of what it means to reach highest learning goals. It’s about that balance and the human-ness of loving and wanting the other to succeed for themselves. In schools or in business, people want to succeed, they want to be proud of what they do, they want to love going to school, going to work; and that love for what you do overflows from the heart to the home, and life suddenly has a little bit of meaning again.

As I go home, I take all these lessons with me ready to expand them in south-east asia. México, it’s been a good year, one of the best actually and I really don’t know how to say goodbye. But I know what I’ve learned is so strongly etched into my heart, soul and mind that this isn’t goodbye. It’s hard to know what the future holds or where we’re going but I know I have a choice and I when I chose México I didn’t realize this would change the course of my life and I’m pumped to see where all this goes.

I’ve spent the last few weeks in Campeche and came back to DF about a week ago to say all the “see you again soon”s (I hate the word goodbye). Friends, thank you for making México so special. It’s been quite the year and it’s so hard to leave the land I love.

Until the next carne asada, tango under the starlight, tortas de Malpaso, chile nogadas, eco bici ride, condesa home-made dinners, tiaguis, and dance with old people in the park,



Family weaving hats

SEP gang 🙂


In the caves!


I love the hats


Love ecobici 🙂


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